History and Structure of Department

In the past, Chulalongkorn Hospital offered only medical service. If patients had any mental problem or illness, they would be transferred to Psychiatric Hospital.  Teaching of psychiatry for medical students was formerly exclusive by a psychiatrist's Hospital of Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok. The psychiatry course was 12-18 hours sessions at the Somdej Hospital.

In 1956, at the first National Medical Science Convention at Chonburi, the Board of Medicine Committee initiated the staff – psychiatrist program and increased Psychiatry classes at the Department of Psychiatry in Medical Schools.

In 1957, there was only one positions for Psychiatrist in the Faculty of Medicine, and was appointed as an intern - psychiatrist at Somdej Hospital for 2 years.

In 1959 began psychiatric services for an outpatient department at the School of medicine. Only 1 or 2 places were available for inpatients. In addition, in this year, the program of counseling psychology and psychiatry to were instructed to medical students. Moreover, the curriculum of psychiatry was improved to 48 hours all of programs. Moreover, the department sent a second resident for internship at Somdej psychiatric hospital for a year.

In 1961, first Psychiatry class began at Chulalongkorn Hospital.

In 1962, First psychiatric ward in the Faculty of Medicine established at Bangkok Bank Building. There were 8 places for the patients, as well as outpatient services.

In 1967, number of residents received one year training program at Somdej Hospital increased to three.

In 1968, 14 places were available for inpatients and, established a team of social workers, Clinical psychologists, and psychiatric nurse, for first time. The team worked in wide range from treatments to teaching, including established Psychiatry Sector in Medicine Department.

In 1969, a course for medical students to practice in psychiatric ward for 2 weeks established. Volunteer from the Red Cross Association played roles in assisting and caring patients in the ward. And Department of Psychiatry and Neurology also established.

In 1970, Occupational therapists joined the team.

In 1972, National Council of Education endorsed the Department of Psychiatry.

In 1973, Office of the Higher Education Commission has approved the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, which was proclaimed on June 27th, 1973.

In 1973, trained residents of psychiatry in the training program were granted the Fellowships of the Medical Council and advanced clinical degree in field of psychiatry.

1987 Master of Science in Mental Health Program established

2000 Master of Science in Mental Health Program (Part-time) established

2001 the program of Master of Science in Psychiatry established

2002 Diploma Program in Psychiatry and Psychiatry in Children and Adolescents established

2006 the curriculum Master of Science in Mental Health Program (Full time and Part-time) revised.

2008 the curriculum of Advanced Clinical Science Diploma psychiatry and advanced Diploma course of Psychiatry in field Children and Adolescents revised.