Department of Psychiatry has policies and strategies to support researches in psychiatry and mental health. Besides, we have system to support the dissemination of researches and knowledge to society of psychiatrists, locally and globally through the journal. Currently, Department of Psychiatry has Epidemiological and Mental Health researches to study various psychiatric disorders and mental health of people in the country.

Academic Services
Department of Psychiatry provides academic services of psychiatry and mental health to both medical circles and public, including counseling, training, seminars and academic conferences to improve the academic performances, exchange and dissemination of technical knowledge in the national and international levels. Also, publicize information required for good quality of life of the people.

Medical services
Department of Psychiatry provides Medical services (such as Diagnostic, Counseling and Treatment) for outpatients and inpatients and auxiliary medical services for patients with mental health problems. In addition, the department provides clinical services; Alzheimer's disease clinic, clinic for addictions and clinical aromatherapy.

Produce professional practitioners and staffs disciplined in psychiatry and mental health for developing advanced knowledge in psychiatric and mental health, integrated in related disciplines including medicine and social sciences in the national and international level for excellence quality of psychiatric and mental health practices, and produce advance knowledge for resolving problems and developing Thai society.